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Persuasive design ideas for high converting ads & landing pages using timeless design patterns, that always work!

After spending my 12 years of career watching and decoding 10,000+ landing pages & ads, I started noticing some repeating patterns that master advertisers and marketers used to persuade their customers.

The beauty was, they were persuasive without being manipulative.

These timeless visual patterns are used by master marketers to persuade consumers and build trust.

And these are not dark patterns, they are real patterns that have evolved over 100s of years of experimentation by various generations of marketers and advertisers. And now, I present it to you.
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As an XR, AR & VR entrepreneur, I was initially skeptical when I first saw the design patterns in Persuasive Visual Patterns. However, they quickly changed my perspective on design. Week after week, I began to identify these patterns in various products and services around me. In my context, with VR products like Pro Shooter VR and DEFTXR, these ideas can be applied to effectively market our offerings, showcasing our unique features, product benefits, and transformational experiences. These 'pattern libraries' provide a centralized resource for the entire team, fostering better planning, shared understanding, and eliminating communication gaps. It is unique and it is practical.
"Persuasive Visual Patterns simplifies marketing science, making it easily understandable. These patterns transformed my view on design, revealing its psychological impact. They can be applied in marketing contexts, with immense potential for companies and marketers. It's a game-changer!"
Persuasive Visual Patterns is a must-read for anyone who wants to create more persuasive experiences. This book is packed with powerful design patterns that can be used to influence user behavior in a desired way. The patterns are well-explained and easy to understand, and the book provides clear examples of how they can be used. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their design skills.

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