About Prathamesh Krisang

by Prathamesh Krisang

I am Prathamesh Krisang: a shopkeeper-turned-designer-turned-filmmaker-turned-marketer-turned-entrepreneur.

Too many hats, I know. But one thread common across all these hats is you need to study human nature to be good at either of those jobs. 

From selling over the counter from the age of 6 in our family owned general store in a small village in India to building brands that do a million dollars in revenue, I found a common thread that kept me going. 

My curiosity for understanding human nature & how the world works.

With over 25 years observing consumers and how they make purchase decisions, I have reached to a conclusion: the single high-value skill an entrepreneur can learn is how to deeply understand human nature. And more importantly, consumer behavior.

Build In Context is my attempt to bring my love & curiosity for understanding human nature to founders like you. 

????Stay curious & let it show you what is hidden! 

Until next time,

Prathamesh Krisang