Dummy’s guide to high-converting landing pages

Prathamesh Krisang

I have worked on building around 2000+ product pages & landing pages as a marketer in my career in last 12 years. With a mixed bag of incredible success and embarrassing failures. And if you guessed 80% to be failure, you would be right.

My single minded goal with any page I build is to figure out how to make people buy without getting in touch with the customer support. Saying that it is my obsession won’t be an understatement.

These 4 points have worked for me in developing high converting landing pages with a lot of predictability. It might help you too,

  • Understand the “moment of need” in which your customer is going to look at the landing page.

The timing of when your customers land on the page will be the biggest factor for conversion. Everything else won’t matter if you don’t get this right.

Are they landing exactly in the moment they are feeling the pain? Figure this out before going to next step.

  • Understand the “outcome” they want in that “moment of need”.

Once you know the outcome they want in a specific “moment of need”, you have cracked an angle that sells.

  • In your headline, simply mention about the “outcome” your customers will get, how much time delay before they get it, and how much efforts & sacrifice they have to put in to get it. (Thanks to Alex Hormozi’s Value Equation)

And don’t forget step 4.

Most landing pages have the above 3 things nailed, yet they don’t convert. Because they miss Step 4.

  • Identify every objection they have through out the purchase journey and counter it with the right answers, in the right sequence.

Do you have free shipping? Do you take cash on delivery? What if I don’t like the product? Do you have money back guarantee? Do you have warranty? How long will it take to reach me?

People won’t ask payment question until they have decided to buy. And they won’t have the warranty question before knowing what the “outcome” is.

Sequence of how you handle objections matter.

If you want to brainstorm about your product page / landing page in comments, feel free to drop your links in the comment. We can see if squeeze in that extra customer with same amount of traffic.