Persuasive Visual Pattern #35: Venn Diagram

Prathamesh Krisang

Venn Diagram Visual Pattern is used to visually organize and analyze concepts, allowing for a clear and intuitive representation of their relationships. They help in understanding commonalities, differences, and overlaps between various elements, facilitating insights and decision-making.

Here are some famous frameworks, models or methods that use venn diagram to visualize the concept:


The Ikigai Venn diagram represents “a reason for being” in life. It consists of four circles: What you love, What you are good at, What the world needs, and What you can be paid for. The sweet spot where all circles intersect is your Ikigai, where your passions, strengths, societal needs, and financial rewards align, leading to a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Target Audience

A Venn diagram for target audience identifies overlapping segments: “People with need,” “People with means,” and “People with interest.” It helps businesses understand where potential customers who require the product, can afford it, and show interest intersect, guiding targeted marketing strategies.

Brand Positioning

The brand positioning Venn diagram shows three segments: “What customers want,” “What your brand does best,” and “What competitors do best.” The winning situation is when “What customers want” and “What your brand does best” intersect, indicating a strong match between customer needs and your brand’s strengths. When all three intersect, it is risky, as it may lead to heavy competition. However, if “What your competitors do best” intersects with either “What customers want” or “What your brand does best,” it is a losing situation, as your brand may not stand out enough. The goal is to focus on the winning area where customer needs align with your brand’s strengths for effective brand positioning.

Relationship Marketing

The relationship marketing Venn diagram shows three circles: quality, customer service, and marketing. When these circles intersect, it represents the ideal state of building strong customer relationships. Providing high-quality products/services, excellent customer service, and effective marketing efforts all contribute to creating satisfied, loyal customers who trust and engage with the brand.


When you want to help your audience in understanding commonalities, differences, and overlaps between various elements, facilitating insights and decision-making use the Venn Diagram Visual Pattern.

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