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Become a problem-finder in the world of problem-solvers.

Today, we have all the resources to solve the toughest problems in the world, but do we have enough problem finders? Even AI can solve most problems, if you can find the right problem solve.

At Build In Context we delve into the art & science of “finding problems that are worth solving”.

And we do it by understanding the customer’s context. 

We call it becoming a Context Creator:

A context creator talks less, observes more.

They focus on what customers do, not just what they say.

They are obsessed about their customers, not their competitors. 

They create insights, not opinions.

They believe in experiments, not direct conclusions.

They are obsessed with understanding reality.

They seek truth, not the validation of their beliefs.

They create signal in the world of chaos.

They create context in the world full of content.

We take inspiration from the world of behavioral science, storytelling, design & systems thinking to uncover the unknown world of a consumer’s mind.

A Context Creator always “builds stuff that people want to buy”.

In the BIC Newsletter we will learn how customer-centric founders use tools, methods, mindset & frameworks to understand their customer & build products that they want to buy.

Become a Context Creator by joining the community of 1000+ customer-first founders & creators building stuff that people want to buy.

Who am I?

Hey founders,

I am Prathamesh Krisang: a shopkeeper-turned-designer-turned-filmmaker-turned-marketer-turned-entrepreneur.

Too many hats, I know. But one thread common across all these hats is you need to study human nature to be good at either of those jobs. 

From selling over the counter from the age of 6 in our family owned general store in a small village in India to building brands that do a million dollars in revenue, I found a common thread that kept me going. 

My curiosity for understanding human nature & how the world works.

With over 25 years observing consumers and how they make purchase decisions, I have reached to a conclusion: the single high-value skill an entrepreneur can learn is how to deeply understand human nature. And more importantly, consumer behavior.

Build In Context is my attempt to bring my love & curiosity for understanding human nature to founders like you. 

????Stay curious & let it show you what is hidden! 

Until next time,

Prathamesh Krisang

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