4 Steps To Action

Prathamesh Krisang

Most marketers & designers struggle with cracking high converting landing pages & ads.

That is because they are too invested in their ideas and not enough in how a typical customer browses the internet.

This leads to a feedback hell between marketers and designers. And a mediocre output that gives mediocre results.

When your customers are scrolling through the internet, they are going through 4 stages,

  • Stop✋
  • Scan????
  • Judge????
  • Act????️

Each of these steps happen within a few milliseconds. And your customers can drop out at any one of these stages.

If you want to crack all these stages, you need 4 building blocks:

  • Right Hooks makes your customers “stop” scrolling
  • Right Hierarchy makes your design “scannable”
  • Right Message makes it easy to “judge”
  • Right Call To Action makes it easy to “act”

Each of these 4 building blocks require you to understand your customer’s context at a deeper level.

Here are a few prompts for your brainstorming,

  • Hooks: What kind of hook will make them stop?
  • Hierarchy: In what sequence shall I arrange the information in the design?
  • Message: What is the single core idea I am conveying here?
  • Act: What will reduce that risk and increase their motivation to take action?

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