Nurture your obsession in the age of AI

Prathamesh Krisang

Career Tip : If your work does not require deep thinking, intense focus, finding problems or interaction with physical objects…

…it can most probably be done by an AI right now. Not in the future. Right now.

You have time until the people in the decision making chair realize it.

Here is what you can do instead,

  • Double down on the topics you are obsessed about. Nothing can speed up your learning like obsessions can.

My obsession is understanding human behaviour, storytelling, design and systems thinking. Give your obsessions 6 months of intense focus.

  • Learn how to write clearly. I can’t emphasize this enough. The fundamental language of all AI is text.

The better you write, the better your output. I used to take hours to draft a single email. Now it takes a few seconds to minutes. Most of my work happens via written communication and not calls.

  • Start using AI tools yourself. Be the one who uses these tools, not the one who gets replaced by them.
  • Take out time to think deliberately. Go for a walk or journal or anything that gives your mind some space to break out of your existing patterns.
  • Choose a platform, write about what you learned and share it with the world.