Asking the right question to customers

Prathamesh Krisang

There is 98% chance you are asking the wrong questions to your customers!

When I stopped giving importance to what customers “say” and started focusing on the “actions” they take, my life as a marketer got easier.

And the questions I asked them change.

  • Before, I used to ask “What WOULD you do?”
    • Now, I ask “What DID you do?”

Real examples of questions I started asking,

  • Before: “Do you live a no sugar lifestyle?”
    • Now: “When was the last time you had something with sugar?”
  • Before: “Did you like our Stevia Drops?”
    • Now: “How often do you use our drops?”
  • Before: “Will you buy a product that we are launching?”
    • Now: “Would you like to place a pre-order right now?”
  • Before: “What are the other products you would like us to launch?”
    • Now: “What other healthy food products do you buy right now & from which brand?”

The answers to these questions revealed things that were totally different from before.

When you ask “future oriented” questions to your customers, they will always try to give you ‘politically correct’ answers. Not the truth.

Stick to the “past & present oriented” questions. And stick to questions about the “actions” they took.

That is where the truth is.

Even a psychologist has to go through a dozen sessions before getting to the root of a patient’s problems. How can you expect your customers to tell you what they need upfront?

It is like Henry Ford said, “If you asked customers what they want, they will say faster horses.”