Design Pattern #13 : Tentacles

Prathamesh Krisang

How to direct their attention to where you want

Have you ever pointed your finger in a direction when you wanted your friends to pay attention to a specific thing?

We do that because out of all the things to look at, we want them to focus on exactly the thing we are talking about.

But how do you point fingers digitally? How do you get your customers to focus on what really matters?

Advertisers have been using the digital version of this finger pointing for a long time. I call it the “tentacles”. ????

What is it?

Tentacles is simply about showing lines branching out from a product, pointing towards key features or benefits.

Here are 4 real world examples,

Design Pattern #13 : Tentacles
Design Pattern #13 : Tentacles
Design Pattern #13 : Tentacles
Design Pattern #13 : Tentacles


Use Tentacles, when you want your customers to know,

1. Different components or ingredients of your product.

2. Different features, advantages or benefits of your product.

3. Various platforms where your product is available.

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