Design Pattern #3 : Product In Action

Prathamesh Krisang

What filmmakers obsess about and marketers don’t

In my career of more than a decade as a filmmaker and then as a marketer, I have noticed one big difference between both these professions.

Filmmakers obsess about “showing” their story while marketers obsess about “telling” their story.

Guess who wins the game of attention between these two?

Back when I used to run ads for films, especially trailers or music videos, I was surprised how cheap the CPMs were for trailers as compared to an ecommerce product.

There is a maxim that runs around in the filmmaking circles that everyone swears by, “Show, Don’t Tell”

One of the ways to get an immediate win for you as a marketer with this principle is to use Design Pattern #3 : Product In Action

With Product In Action, you choose a ‘keystone moment’ with your product. A ‘keystone moment’ is the exact moment when your customers get value from your product.

Here are some examples of “Product In Action” design pattern.

Design Pattern #3 : Product In Action
Design Pattern #3 : Product In Action
Design Pattern #3 : Product In Action
Design Pattern #3 : Product In Action


A ‘keystone moment’ is the one where customers are able to clearly imagine their life with your product in it.

When you show that interaction between product and the user, it eliminates the unnecessary questions and objections about the value of your product.

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