Feeling bogged down by content creation? Do this…

Prathamesh Krisang

It is easy to write that email to a specific client or a friend than it is to write content for a generic audience. Even when both require the same amount of mental effort.

While creating content, keep one very specific real-life customer in mind. Just one. You can never write effectively for an audience, but you can for that one person.

Think about the most pressing question they have about their problem

Come up with a title for that content piece. (blog title, video title etc.)

Figure out how you will grab that person’s attention in first paragraph.

Create an outline about things you want to say that will help this customer

Write/create the rest of your piece

Important: All along, never forget about that “one specific real-life person” you’re talking to.

Because chances are, there are at least 1000 more people in the world who are like that “one person”.