The greatest nudge

Welcome to my Notes To Self Series where I share my raw thoughts as they come to me in form of insights, epiphanies or ideas.

A NUDGE is anything that motivates your users to take an action.

It can be those guiding lines painted on floor of your parking lot, that click bait-y title of a blog, that attention grabbing thumbnail on YouTube, or the Prime Minister’s request to the nation to clap from your windows / balconies at a specific time.

Designing good nudges matter. They make your life easy. They make the life of your customers easy. And if you are adding real value, it takes the world forward with least amount of friction.

Everyday, you are nudging.

Whether you do it consciously or unconsciously, you are always nudging. Might as well understand the art & science behind it so that you don’t feel like you are throwing stones in the dark.

Here is one of the greatest nudge I have ever learnt : ASK

If you think people don’t help or take action, you have most likely not practiced asking.

Learn to ask if you don’t already. It is the most valuable thing you will do in your life. You will never know how asking could take you places you have never imagined. In a good way.

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