Language is the code storytellers use to program the human mind

Welcome to my Notes To Self Series where I share my raw thoughts as they come to me in form of insights, epiphanies or ideas.

If you’re a founder and get overwhelmed by content & marketing, here is a simple way to look at it:

“Language is the code storytellers people use to program human mind.”

It is as simple as that.

Just the way your code compounds and makes your system more capable over time;

Your content (landing pages, blogs, ads etc.) also compounds over time and makes your narrative more capable over time.

But like all things compounding, you need to input consistent energy into improving it.

Just like you consistently troubleshoot your code and improve system architecture…

You need to consistently optimise your stories and improve your narrative structure.

Just the way you consider a system’s constraints to develop a technology that works.

You need to understand your customer’s limitations to develop a narrative that works.

Just like you write millions of lines of code – invisible to others – and develop a technology that works.

You need to write millions of lines of ideas – invisible to others – to arrive at a narrative that works.

Just like you validate your tech with a minimum viable product (MVP).

You need to validate your story with a minimum viable story (MVS).

Your code is only half the product, the other half is your narrative.

You build systems to create the value,

But you need narratives to create valuation.

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