Who should be afraid of AI?

Prathamesh Krisang

YES!!! You should be afraid of AI, if you have been working ‘IN’ the system and not ‘ON’ the system.

You might be working ‘IN‘ the system if:

  • You wait for your managers to give you a task.
  • If you face a problem at work, your default response is to ask your manager instead of figuring yourself first
  • You are busy building your resume instead of building projects
  • You think your job title is going to exist 5 years from now
  • You love to collect ‘certifications’ by doing courses, instead of building a proof of your work
  • You learn something only if it is going to give you a raise, and not because you want to solve problems.

Want to work ‘ON‘ the system?

  • Build a portfolio of mini-projects to develop specific skills, forget about certifications. This will become a proof of your work
  • Perform high leverage activities like writing, learning no-code tools & learning automation tools.
  • Develop systems mindset: Make it a habit to dissect how a business works, how a project works or what is the process of someone successful in your field.
  • Share your discoveries with the world
  • Invest your time in understanding why people buy

Basically, do everything that makes you a “creator” of value instead of “consumer” of value.

Creators work ON the system. Consumers work IN the system.