Writing online is thinking in public

Prathamesh Krisang

Writing online is “thinking in public”. As a founder, nothing gives you more perspective than how others interpret your thoughts. It is one thing to write something, it is an entirely different experience to publish it and get to see how others interpret your thoughts.

When you “think in public”, the feedback loop does 2 things. One, it drastically improves the quality of your thoughts. Two, it improves your writing. Which improves how you resonate with your audience.

I could even start talking in front of a camera and publish videos. It has better reach. But I choose writing it down & publish it first. Because it is low effort, high ROI action. Writing forces you to have clear thinking. It packages your ideas into sharable units.

When you write, you are leaving breadcrumbs for people who are looking for you and resonate with you. And the right people will keep discovering you for long time in the future.

The legacy that will last the longest is the legacy of your ideas. And written word is the way to store those ideas.

The legacies that have lived the longest are those that are in written form. Religions have been built on the foundations of written word. They become a glue that holds everyone together.

The constitutions of countries are coded in written word. The basis of international trade relations & agreements happen in written word.

Our whole civilization and how we deal with each other is based on the written word.

Even AI & machine intelligence reduces all forms of media into written word before it can understand and process the information.

And yet, I have not scratched the surface of the benefits of writing and publishing your thoughts.

All I can say is, write & you shall know!

Until next time!