Design Pattern #18 : Social Proof

Welcome to my Persuasive Design Patterns Series where I identify & share the common visual patterns that marketers use to design high converting ads & landing pages.

Using the Bandwagon Effect in marketing

Effective persuasion taps into basic human instincts.

And one of the most powerful instincts is the need to belong. We are social animals and we want to fit in. We want to do what everyone else is doing.

Marketers leverage this as much as they can. But how?

By using the Bandwagon & Groupthink Effect:

Bandwagon Effect : People tend to adopt the beliefs, ideas, fads and trends that are already been adopted by others.

Groupthink Effect : People tend to take a decision that confirms with the majority. Why and how to use it?

Use the Social Proof:

Show testimonials, unboxing videos, reviews & photos of people using your product. You can also show credible media outlets mentioning your products.

Check 4 real world examples below to see how you can use it👇

Design Pattern #18 : Social Proof
Design Pattern #18 : Social Proof
Design Pattern #18 : Social Proof
Design Pattern #18 : Social Proof


Tell your customers what other customers are saying.

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