Design Pattern #21 : Labels

Welcome to my Persuasive Design Patterns Series where I identify & share the common visual patterns that marketers use to design high converting ads & landing pages.

Everything has a label

Everything and everyone has a label. Your name is a label given to you. Your product’s name is the label given to the thing you are selling. Your brand name is the label you have given to your company.

But why do customers pay attention to labels?

Whether it is the clothes we buy, the nutritional facts of food we eat, the ID card of an employee when they enter the office, labels make it easy to identify things & people.

As a culture, we have been trained to pay attention to labels.

So how do you take advantage of this?

When you want people to pay attention to a single piece of information in your entire communication, use “Labels”. No matter where you place it, the audience will pay attention to it.

There are 4 types of Labels you can take advantage of,

  1. Offer Labels
  2. Instruction Labels
  3. Warning Labels
  4. Information Labels
Design Pattern #21 : Labels

Check 6 real world examples below,

Design Pattern #21 : Labels
Design Pattern #21 : Labels
Design Pattern #21 : Labels
Design Pattern #21 : Labels
Design Pattern #21 : Labels
Design Pattern #21 : Labels

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