Integrating insights with your world-view

Prathamesh Krisang

How often do you take conscious efforts to shift your world view?

Everytime you have an epiphany or a flash of insight – while you’re walking, having a bath, driving or doing anything random – do you take conscious efforts to integrate that insight with your world-view?

Or do you get excited about it in the moment and forget about it later?

I have been on both sides.

What works best for me is to journal my thoughts. And also spend a considerable amount time alone / isolated – sometimes hours, sometimes days – to look at the world through the new insight / epiphany I just gained. This becomes a high priority task.

Looking back, everytime I did this, it has been a defining moment in changing the trajectory of my life. These moments also led to a significant shift in my personality. No other self help book or coach or mentor could help me achieve that shift.

Next time you have an epiphany or insight into something, spend some time to integrate it with your world-view. These moments of truth are what shifts you to your next orbit.

The right insights come to you when you’re ready. They are guiding you towards where you are supposed to go. They are YOUR truth.

Do yourself a favour and don’t ignore them.

How do you integrate your insights with your world-view?