4 Principles Of Resilience

Prathamesh Krisang

When it comes to building a business or career that survives and thrives through tough times, you need to look at the world from a brutally practical standpoint. And for me, that standpoint has distilled into “4 Principles Of Resilience” over the last couple of years of building business.

  • Show Up
  • Work With What You Have
  • Do What Works
  • Repeat Everyday

You miss out on any one of these principles, and you are bound to get a hard lesson from reality.

Why “Show Up”?

Opportunities don’t find people. They find a “time” and a “place”. And whoever is there at that “time” and “place”, gets that opportunity. Simply “Showing Up” puts you into the time and place where opportunities naturally come to you.

Why “Work With What You Have”?

You cannot do anything about what you don’t have. It is easier to make progress by focusing on skills, assets, people you know, the mindset you have or the situation you are in. It is just foolish to wait for things to be “perfect” before you take the first step.

Why “Do What Works”?

This is the biggest blind spot for everyone, including me. It takes a lot of discipline to look at the “reality” the way it is, understand it and then use it to do what works. We are way too invested in our own opinions, ideologies and imagination without giving “reality” it’s due respect.

And Repeat It Everyday

Imagine if you keep “Showing Up” >> “Work With What You Have” >> “Do What Works” and “Repeat It Everyday”. The power of compounding will make sure that you succeed.

These 4 Principles are the very basis of being resilient in your career or business. That’s all you need to do to be in the game for long enough. And if you are in the game for long enough, opportunities can’t help but come to you.

Just build the momentum and see the magic happen.