Asking high quality questions

Prathamesh Krisang

Why does everyone get frustrated with marketers and people engaged in growth activities?

Because all things marketing, sales & growth operate on a spectrum and not on binary. We are wired to find answers in binary, Yes or No. Let me explain.

With binary thinking we ask questions like,

  • Will people buy our products? And we expect to get an answer in Yes or No.

While a more helpful way to ask these questions are:

  • To what extent are people likely to buy our products?
  • What kind of customers would be most likely to buy this product v/s who would be least likely?
  • How would a hot lead prospect respond to this ad v/s a cold prospect?

You get the drift. Next time you expect a Yes or No answer, ask yourself, are you asking a binary question?

Is it a problem to be solved or a dilemma to be managed?