A product without a story is like a body without a soul

Welcome to my Notes To Self Series where I share my raw thoughts as they come to me in form of insights, epiphanies or ideas.

Almost Every SaaS Founder : “We have the most amazing product in the world. We spent last 3 years developing it. People fall in love with it as soon as they see it. The only issue I have is how do I sell it? And at scale?”

  • Me: “That’s not a problem. If you have a product that your customers love. Selling is not a big issue. What’s the story that you are telling your customers right now?”
  • Founder: “Oh, we are the best {{category name}} SaaS on the market. With {{a list of features}}”

  • Me: “Hmm… Okay, so we will have to get deeper on working with your story.”
  • Founder : “Sure. But can we start getting quality leads by next week?”

  • Me (in my mind) : “Did you not spend 3 years just nailing your product?”

If you take your story as seriously as you take the product, selling is not even a problem anymore. People will want to buy from you.

Every successful product that I have seen or sold. Customers have always bought into the story before the product.

Why don’t founders spend as much effort in their story as much as the product? What do you think?

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