Insights vs. Opinions

Welcome to my Notes To Self Series where I share my raw thoughts as they come to me in form of insights, epiphanies or ideas.

There are 2 types of people. Those with insights and those with opinions.

Those with opinions will keep repeating the same generalized statements. Will listen to respond. Have an authoritative tone. Will want to debate. Will talk in terms of “I agree & I disagree” without giving a reason.

Those with insights will tailor their insights to your specific situation. Will listen to understand. Have a normal, humble tone. Will want to discuss. Will find the nuances in the conversation and clarify them. They clearly state that their opinion is an “assumption” and they haven’t heard of a counter argument that makes better sense yet.

Next time you feel overwhelmed by your client or boss talking down on you. Remember what they are giving you is an opinion, not an insight.

I have been opinionated as well as insightful. When I am opinionated, I feel the urge to justify. When I am insightful, I let go.

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