Lack of confidence can be healthy

Prathamesh Krisang

Like everyone I have my bouts of lacking confidence and having self doubt. All the time.

In everything I did, be it selling, marketing, business or film-making, I saw people way ahead of me that I could never imagine reaching that level. I have heard platitudes like compete with your self and not others etc.

But let’s face it. We are social animals. And (external) success in our society is relative to everyone else around us.

In fact, our amygdala is responsible for constantly assessing our status in the social hierarchy of people around us. It is literally hard wired in us to compare.

This drove me crazy. I worked obsessively to level up my game. Improved my skills. The better I got at it, the more I realized how much I still need to learn. The more I obsessed. It’s a rabbit hole.

Until all of a sudden, you get good at it and doors of opportunities start opening from all directions. I am not very successful yet. But I am definitely blessed with opportunities around me that very few would have access to.

This post is not to brag, but to understand that “lack of confidence” is a fuel that you can use to take off or to destroy yourself. It’s a choice.