Cracking the Code of Value Content

Prathamesh Krisang
  • Forget talking about your achievements, talk value
  • Use more “you, your, you’re”, instead of ‘I, me, my, we”.
  • What is value? Something that you would charge for.
  • Most of people won’t take action with your free value. It’s either because your message needs more clarity or they’re just lazy.
  • Those who take action deserve the free value you provide.
  • And the few who understand your value, understand the value of their own time. Will hire you. These are the kind of people you want to serve.
  • If you believe it is difficult to create value content. Or you can’t create it, think again.
  • If someone has ever paid you to do something, it means you have a thing or two to say. Just talk/write about it.
  • Everything that works are simply classic timeless principles packaged with a new angles. Make your fundamentals strong and you won’t have FOMO anymore.