The best way to clear muddled water…

Welcome to my Notes To Self Series where I share my raw thoughts as they come to me in form of insights, epiphanies or ideas.

“The best way to clear muddled water is to leave it alone.” – Alan Watts

The hustle culture at work nowadays has started to make us believe that every problem can be solved, if only, we take efforts to solve it.

It also has a lot to do with believing that we have total control over the outcome we want from our efforts.

As a marketer I have been in situations where we achieved incredible growth metrics for our clients. And there were times no amount of ‘out of the box’ thinking seemed to work.

In both situations, we did what had to be done. Clearly, efforts alone is not a factor. When growth happened, we were aligned with the natural flow of the market. And when it didn’t we were going against it.

It is never your efforts alone that give results. But the ‘right’ efforts, at the ‘right’ place and at the ‘right’ time do.

Asking ourself “How can I sell?” will make the water muddy.

Asking “Why would they buy?” and surrendering to the truth of what is revealed will lead you to clear water.

Let the muddy waters settle and truth will reveal itself.

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