Think on Paper

Prathamesh Krisang

“If you can’t clearly express your ideas in words, how is that different from having no ideas at all?” – David Perell

Being articulate is one of the most powerful leverage you can have right now.

It is free. It is all you have when you have nothing else. And it is available to anyone who wants it.

In the age of Internet & AI, where your interface with the technology is your “words”, nothing can stop you from being a force of nature if you can be articulate.

Our work is getting global. People are working together in different time zones. Do you want to be on the calls 24×7 to be able to work? It’s humanly not possible .

The best managed global companies like Amazon & Stripe are built on writing culture.

Articulate words lead to actions, action leads to results, results lead to value creation, value creation leads to freedom.

And the way to get more articulate is as simple as “thinking on paper”.

As Paul Graham says, “There is a kind of thinking that can only be done by writing.”

It forces you to give words to your ideas, thoughts and emotions.

When you have right words to express yourself, people listen, respond & take action.

And what is more powerful than being able to drive action with your words?

I’ll leave you with this beautiful excerpt from David Perell below,