What is better than a feedback?

Prathamesh Krisang

When I ask people for feedback, for some reason, they go into ‘problem finding’ mode. Or they paint it with their “opinion”. I found a better way.

The purest form of feedback is people’s reaction to my work. They can love it, hate it or get bored by it. That is good feedback. But an opinion is just that, “an opinion”. Especially when there is no skin in the game for the one giving you feedback.

If you still have to ask, here is a better way. Ask for ideas & suggestions to improve it. Not feedback. Works like magic. Why?

It forces people to think deeper and respond. Instead of reacting based on their own biases, they will ask you the right questions, try to understand your context better, and then respond. Now, they have skin in the game. They now have a say in how your product, content or anything you create shapes up, not just be a spectator and find faults.

This has also helped me weed out folks I should not be taking any feedback or suggestions from in the first place.

I get asked by a lot of my creator friends to give feedback about their work and I avoid giving any and this is the reason. Don’t ask for it. Observe their raw reaction to your work and consider that as your true feedback.

Ignore what they say, observe what they do. All your treasure as a creator lies in re-actions, not opinions.